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We are proud to offer our laundry service. We can make our services to suit your requirements at any time.

LAUNDRY PRICE LIST - Service Washes  (inc. Detergent, Wash, Spin, Dry and Neatly folded back into customer’s bag)

Sports Kits

  • Football Kit £14.00
  • Rugby Kit £15.00

Personal Items

  • Shirt (plain) £2.30
  • T-Shirt  £1.80
  • Trousers (Suit) £6.45
  • Jeans £5.95
  • Jumper (from) £5.45
  • Skirt (from) £6.45
  • Dress (from) £6.45
  • Duvet Covers (from) £4.40
  • Sheets (from) £2.80
  • Pillow Case (from) £1.40


Shirt Claning Service – All shirts are individually treated for stains and pressed by hand.

  • Plain Shirt – £2.30 per item (Washed, Pressed and Hung)
  • Dress Shirt- £3.50 per item (Washed, Pressed and Hung)
  • Packing Shirts - £0.50 per item (Folded neatly on shirt board and packed in a cellophane bag)
  • Starched – Shirts can be starched. Please request this service when placing your order.
 SPECIAL OFFER - 5 Shirts (Washed, Pressed and Hung) £10  CONTACT US  


Duvet Cleaning – All duvets are individually spotted and treated for staining, washed, dried thoroughly and packed ready for collection in bags that will allow the duvet to breathe.

  • Single, £12.00 per item
  • Double, £14.00 per item
  • King Size, £16.00 per item
  • Sleeping Bags (from), £12.00 per item
  • Duvet Storage Bags (Single/Double/King Size), £2.95 per item
 SPECIAL OFFER - 3 Duvets Cleaned for the Price of 2    CONTACT US  


*This is only an abbreviated list of the many items that we clean. Please do not hesitate to call us for a more accurate prices.

Our Mission

We offer a range of services for your cleaning needs ie carpet cleaning, general cleaning, daily office cleaning, one off cleans and more. We are based in Soton and offer all our cleaning services to home owners, landlords, letting agents and businesses throughout Hampshire and Dorset.  

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